This Week in Zixth Grade

We’re half way through September and we’re ready to kick off a new unit: Earth’s Weather Patterns. This week we’ll work to answer this question: What makes up the atmosphere? If you come across any useful links, post them in the comment section to share with our classmates.


  • Map the composition of the atmosphere.
  • Identify the layers of the atmosphere.
  • Recognize how the sun affects the atmosphere.
  • Main Idea and Details: Look for the details that describe the atmosphere.
  • Technology: Create a plain text file and save it in a new folder on a networked drive.

Key Vocabulary

  • atmosphere
  • troposphere
  • stratosphere
  • mesosphere
  • thermosphere
  • exosphere


  • Investigate: Layers of the Atmosphere lab report and graph on page 245
  • Atmospheric layers diagram
  • Reading Support 48-49
  • Plain text files saved on district server