This Week in Zixth Grade

We’ve investigated potential, kinetic, wave, and electric energy. This week, we link it all together to answer the question What is a Circuit?


  • Build circuits.
  • Define a circuit, and distringuish between series and parallel circuits.
  • Describe¬† how an electromagnet works.


Coming next week:

Unit 4 Assessment

Make a simple electric generator

Simple Electric Generator by William Beaty

Use the directions on the link below to create a generator strong enough to light up a small bulb.

Ultra-simple Electric generator

Special instructions:

Test out the magnets before wrapping the wire to get them to spin freely and quickly.

Twist the wires of the light together with the red wires so that copper touches copper.

Squeeze the box gently to keep the magnets spinning freely.

This Week (and Next Week) in Zixth Grade

Spark by wizetux

Spark by wizetux

What is electricity? How is electricity produced? We’ll be answering these questions and observing how energy powers the devices on which we depend. Because of the short week this week, we’ll be working with electricity next week as well, with some shocking activities.


  • Investigate static electricity.
  • Define current electricity as a flow of electrons.
  • Describe how electricity is produced.


  • Investigate: Experimenting with Charges
  • Lesson 4 Worksheet (RS 35-36)
  • Performance Challenge: Create an electrical generator.