Internet Art Walk…

It’s been great to read about Chuck Close and the amazing art work he created both before and after “the event”.

The following links will take you to  website dedicated to Chuck Close and Alexandra Nechita. Look at the different pieces displayed on the sites, then click back on your browser to return to our blog and add a comment.

Which of the paintings do you like the best? Why?

Chuck Close: Man & His Life – Photo Gallery

Alexandra Nechita

So Many Words, So Little Time…

Today we are going to work on improving our word choice.  You are going to write a narrative about a topic of your choice in the comment section of this post.  Using a resource online, you will brainstorm some creative ways to express common ideas.

First, Right-click on this link and select “Open in a new window“, then come back to the blog:

Interesting Words

Next, click on the comments link and type your name in the name field.  Start writing your narrative.  As you write, use at least 7 words from the interesting words page in your narrative.  Click the Submit Comment link when you are finished.